Honda Compact Motorbike – The Electric Motorbike That Resembles a PlayStation 5 on Wheels!


Have you ever imagined owning a motorcycle that is cute, fits in the trunk of your car and doesn't harm the environment? They seem like disconnected terms, but Honda has the answer to this wish list in the all-new Compact Motorcycle. It is an electric micro-motorcycle that pays homage to one of Honda's most peculiar creations, the MotoCompo from the 1980s.

For those unfamiliar, the MotoCompo served as a “last mile” form of transportation that you could fold and fit in the trunk of your car. At the time, it seemed to be ahead of its time, but with cities becoming more and more congested, the new Compacta Motorcycle makes perfect sense. And it's narrower than a PlayStation 5!

The 2024 Honda MotoCompact Is Foldable and Weighs Just 41 Pounds

As the name suggests, the Moto Compacta is truly compact. Its handlebars, seat, footrests and rear wheel can be fitted inside the bodywork, creating a briefcase-like package that you can carry wherever you want. This results in just 74.2 centimeters long, 53.5 centimeters high and 9.4 centimeters wide, with a declared weight of 18.7 kilograms. The weight is less than the check-in baggage allowance for local US flights, while the width is smaller than that of your favorite PlayStation 5.

However, there is no lack of attention to detail. Honda equipped the electric motorcycle with light brown handles and seat, as well as an LED headlight and taillight. When you position yourself on the bike, you are greeted by a fully digital instrument cluster that displays battery level, speed and lock status. You even have smartphone connectivity to track various details. Honda says it will sell a variety of stickers and skins to personalize your Compact Motorcycle.

The 2024 Honda Compact Motorcycle Has a Range of Up to 12 Miles

As a “last mile” motorcycle, the Moto Compacta hides a 490-watt electric motor that drives the front wheel and promises a top speed of 15 mph (25 km/h). The motor is powered by a 6.8 Ah battery, which is enough for a range of 'up to 12 miles'. Considering strictly urban use, these numbers should be more than enough to get from your parking lot to the building or for walks on the beach. However, the claimed charging time of 3.5 hours, via the supplied 110-volt charger, is surprisingly long given the size of the battery. Fortunately, the charger can be stored inside the Compacto's body, so you can take it with you.

Meanwhile, Honda built the electric motorcycle around an aluminum chassis, with wheels made of the same material. There's no suspension to smooth out uneven terrain, and you only have a drum brake on the rear wheel to slow down. As for weight capacity, the Compact Motorcycle is suitable for a rider weighing around 100 kg (considering the maximum rating of 120 kg, minus the bike's own weight).

The 2024 Honda Compact Motorcycle Is on Sale for Just $995

Honda has priced the new Compact Motorcycle at just $995. It will be sold exclusively online for now, with shipping to Honda and Acura dealerships starting in November 2023. At this suggested price, the Moto Compacta should be affordable for Honda's premium car customers looking for a solution for the “ultimate mile". But if you're looking for savings, we suggest you stick with mini folding electric bikes or an electric scooter.

The Honda Moto Compacta is proof that urban mobility can be efficient, practical and ecological. With a design reminiscent of the PlayStation 5, this compact electric motorcycle is an exciting option for getting around today's congested cities. We thank Honda for bringing innovations that make our world more sustainable and accessible.

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