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2024 Honda CR-V Type R Digital Becomes Fastest, Most Powerful SUV

Toyota has taken great strides to rid itself of that trusty but old and decrepit image it once had. It did this too with ample help from its motorsport/performance sub-brand Toyota Gazoo Racing, which not only earns big on the track, but also boasts sporty road cars that spur enthusiasm for the flagship brand like never before. So they are already quite popular with winning titles like the GR Yaris, GR Corolla, GR86 and GR Supra, while the list is ready to eagerly expand as fast as possible.

But what about Honda, could they take the recipe and hit the performance sweet spot with their legendary Type R nameplate? This is the question asked by the staff of the AutoYa info on YouTube, who, like other virtual automotive artists, are increasingly enamored with Honda's latest releases that could easily go right after some hypothetical GR models.

So they decided that we should" take a look at the first 2024 Honda CR-V Type R, which hasn't even been announced yet and may never happen, but ” was further illustrated in a recent video which is nicely embedded below. As two of Honda's latest intros bode well for their CGI idea, the store has simply paired the high-performance seventh-generation Civic Type R Hot Hatchback with the newly announced SUV crossover CR-V 2023.

And naturally, the first Honda CR-VO Type R would easily fight for the title of “ More powerful and faster CR-V ” ever, with up to 400 hypothetical horsepower from multiple powertrain options: turbo, hybrid, maybe even a PHEV . What's more, the channel also showed off a full digital color palette so you can choose your sleek and sporty CR-V Type R… even in pink!

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