Honda S2000 render emerges to rival BMW Z4


Considered by some enthusiasts to be one of the most fun-to-drive sports cars of the 2000s, the Honda S2000 has made headlines again, and this time it's not a beautiful used car looking for a new home, nor a real revival, but yes from a rendering.

Looking like nothing out of the Japanese company's portfolio, it has plenty of sharp lines running its entire length and an angular face with a reimagined grille that's flanked by large air intakes in the front bumper.

An apron with side slats is part of the rendering which is the work of Timothy Adry Emmanuel, also known as adry53customs on Instagram.

The new rendering of the Honda S2000

The rendering depicts the modern S2000 with new LED headlights and a very long hood that would likely hide a powerful electrified drivetrain, exclusively driving the rear wheels.

The CGI model still has hidden door handles and no less than four exhaust tips incorporated into the rear diffuser, which has as many fins.

Rollover protection is also visible, keeping occupants safe should the car get into trouble, and the rear deck houses the folding top.

The taillights look like an evolution of those fitted to its iconic predecessor, and the ducktail spoiler is now integrated into the trunk lid.

Shod in Michelin tyres, the wide wheels in a Y-spoke design revolve around colour-coded calipers, part of the high-performance braking system that also includes perforated discs.

As before, it has a two-seater setup and was sketched in the right-hand drive, suggesting it would be primarily targeting the Land of the Rising Sun.

Most agree that Honda should be bringing the S2000 back into the modern era, and we feel the same way, just that we're not so sure about this design.

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