House with 340 vintage cars is put up for sale


When we buy a house, we don't expect the previous owner to abandon such rare vehicles with the property.

But the owner of this home is doing just that and has put together all 340+ vintage vehicles for sale.

Mike Hall's property, located approximately an hour east of Kamloops, includes 5 hectares of land, a house that has already been renovated, a 900 square meter restoration shed containing a few newly restored cars and a yard with numerous vehicles. .

Hall, admitted he doesn't know exactly how many vehicles he owns, but said they ranged between US$ 500 and US$ 35,000 in value each.

“I started accumulating cars when I was 20. First, I started with about 50 cars. So the collection grew to 100. And I was buying more and more. It's easy to buy them when you're working,” says owner Mike Hall.

While Hall did not give a specific reason for selling the property and its collection of hundreds of cars, he says he is 60 years old, and no longer has the time and energy to restore and care for all the cars.

So how much does it cost to buy this property? The sale price currently stands at US$ 1.45 million (about R$ 4.5 million).

If you are interested in the property, you can be the new owner. It is for sale on the website: century21.

Check out the image gallery below:

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