Hunter finds paradise for classic Chevys, Mopars and Fords


Cotter is Hagerty's most important man when it comes to barn finds and classic cars. His recent trip to Virginia and Tennessee had impressive results. In Hagerty's latest upload, the classic car hunter came across classic Chevys, Mopars and Fords.

Driving over the hill in Tennessee, Cotter saw a BMW black covered and immediately knew that a car guy lived on the property. He went to knock and found Bill. In addition to the BMW, the property also had a pair of classic Chevys for sale.

If that wasn't enough, Cotter hit the lode driving in the woods when he saw a yellow car that looked like a Henry J Gasser. Co-owner AJ had a bunch of classic gems. Cotter describes it as a national monument. The property had around 80 parked cars.

Cotter spotted another Henry J in the shed parked next to a Chevy Gasser 1955. According to AJ, the cars are from his family's collection, and are not for sale. " We buy, wash, clean and drive. Well we want to restore them but we never will ”, he confessed.

There's also a parked 1965 Chevy El Camino and a Plymouth Duster. Compared to the El Camino, the Duster is in mint condition and is registered as an airship. In the back, AJ had another mint-looking 1957 four-door Chevy. It has been in their family for about 18 years.

In addition to Chevys and Mopars, AJ has a few Fords, including a two-door Comet (289) and a 1964 Mustang (260).

Cotter couldn't help but check all the cars in the parking lot. The lot had Torinos, pickups, wagons, vans and more. It's a piece of heaven for classic car lovers. None of these cars are for sale, unfortunately.

We recommend watching the video below for the full car tour of the property.

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