Indian modifies Honda Civic and turns it into a Lamborghini


While some of us don't, while billionaires travel into space, the rest of us work ordinary jobs and drive ordinary vehicles.

The idea of one day owning a sports car like a Ferrari or a Lamborghini is so far removed from most of our realities that we don't even think twice about it, but some gambiarra addicts feel such a need to drive their dream cars that they end up building with them. your own hands.

An Indian man named Madhya Pradesh, a fan of Lamboghini, India, is in love with a Lamborghini Aventador, who decided to build one himself, using an old Honda Civic sedan as a base.

There are many cool car kits out there with all the necessary assembly instructions, but a hack like this takes real ingenuity and a lot of time and skill.

The Indiano and his pals started by dismantling an eighth-generation Honda Civic entirely, then built a custom frame and fiberglass panels that closely matched the original. The Silver Shark has been painted silver with red highlights and some stripes throughout the exterior.

Pradesh paid attention to details such as custom glass, custom headlamps and quad exhaust tips.

The Silver Shark got a retractable roof and scissor doors. Notably, the modification wouldn't be complete without a massive rear wing. The Silver Shark also got a set of 19-inch wheels, but the ideal would be to lower the car and resolve the wheel spacing.

Inside, the Honda Civic has been heavily modified. The seats have been remodeled to look like the original Lamborghini, with white leather accents. The car still has its rear seats in place and a generous 14-cubic-foot trunk in the back, complete with faux engine cover.

The steering wheel is like a Lamborghini, as are the door panels.

The Indiano kept the Civic's original naturally aspirated 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine, and a five-speed manual transmission. With an approximate output of 140 horsepower, this front-wheel drive Lambo won't break any world speed records, but at least Pradesh will be saving on fuel.

We hope that Indiano, in the future, will change the engine to a turbo configuration so that the Silver Shark can be a true Lamborghini Aventador.

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