Thursday, March 23, 2023
StartcarsInhabitant of Itaporanga turns Opal into Yellow Camaro

Inhabitant of Itaporanga turns Opal into Yellow Camaro

It's not every day that we see a fully customized vehicle running through the streets of Itaporanga, a city located in Sertão da Paraíba. However, the report on the website Hora do Vale surprised Donis Santos, a businessman from Itaporangu, while driving his “Yellow Camaro”, a completely transformed and customized Opala 85.

Donis owns Monumento MotoCar, a company that has been buying and selling cars for several years. According to the businessman, the entire transformation took approximately one year and six months (1 year and 6 months) and an investment of almost 60 thousand reais.

As the businessman said, his new customized car is now complete, with power steering, power windows and locks, among other accessories that a modern car must have. Talking about the engine, Donis said that his “Yellow Camaro” won a 2012 S-10 engine.

Completely in love with cars, Donis revealed that, because it is a great customization, he decided to affectionately nickname his car with the name of “Transformers”.

Doni also said that “where the car goes, it attracts a lot of attention, people take pictures, make videos, and that for me is very gratifying, to see the consolidation of a dream”.

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Check out some of the Transformers “Yellow Camaro” below:

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  1. As the customization was done well .can you say who did it? Where did you buy the parts and everything? It was show. All in very good taste. In the tiles out there you will only receive praise. Congratulations !


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