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Jeep Cherokee XJ appears more aggressive in virtual artist rendering

The Jeep brand may be on its way to a sustainable lifestyle, and its new Avenger EV became one of seven finalists for the 2023 COTY (Car of the Year).

Remember, the Jeep brand is one of those legendary automakers whose models never die, they just morph into another model.

By the way, the self-taught 3D virtual artist better known as demetr0s_designs on social media made a decision about the fate of the iconic Jeep Cherokee XJ and the CGI conclusion was that the model needed to become aggressive rather than a creeping, destroying king of dunes.

The rendering of the Jeep Cherokee XJ


According to the pixel master, most often enthusiasts are looking for a modified Jeep Cherokee XJ and there is a natural list consisting mainly of spectacular off-road builds.

But this artist's project goes against the grain with a major transformation in which the unibody chassis of the original model is completely discarded in exchange for the grandeur of a personalized and elaborate reconstruction.

Second, the suspension has dropped so low that the Jeep Cherokee XJ could shave an ant's beard with those raw, uncut aerodynamic elements.
Third, and most importantly, an extreme wide body treatment serves multiple purposes.

From point A to point C, it adds to the block design, houses the extra-wide, ultra-grippy tires and, in the end, makes this Cherokee a dynamic looking brick.

Unfortunately, for all the elaborate descriptive explanations, there is also just one major omission. What in the name of CGI would the author deem fit to feed this monster from a slaughtered beast? A supercharged 6.2 liter Hemi V8 perhaps?

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