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Kia Sportage crossover could lead to an accident due to battery problem

Even with the high expectations of becoming one of the best cars of its class, the new generation Kia Sportage crossover has not yet managed to firmly establish itself in world markets, and now a major problem involving the vehicle has been reported by the NHTSA.

According to the Kia dealership, the car manufacturer may not have sufficiently secured the nut to the battery and, due to the incorrect contact, there was a risk of the engine stalling due to the loosening of this contact with the battery.

If the nut loosens, bad electrical connections can cause the Sportage to stall while the engine is running.

At worst, power surges can cause a spark that will melt the wiring and insulators and start a fire in the engine compartment.

The Kia Sportage Crossover Problem

The problem was discovered after a customer reported a sudden engine stop. Kia worked with a supplier to develop an improved process to visually inspect alternator nuts during production and an additional torque verification process at the end of the assembly line.

The recall campaign affected 19,701 Sportage vehicles that were produced at Kia's Georgia plant between January 12 and August 8, 2022.

The automaker said no injuries, deaths or accidents were reported as a result of the issue.

Kia will alert model owners

Kia will begin sending letters to model owners on September 23.

They will be given instructions on how to bring their vehicle to the Korean company's service center so that employees can properly tighten the nut if necessary.

The 5th generation of the model was launched this year in the country, bringing a light hybrid stonic set, a modern look with a technological interior and an updated 7-speed gearbox.

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