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Man buys an Audi A7 and the realization of a dream has become a real nightmare for him

The main character of this story, a Pole, bought the new Audi A7, a consumer dream that he fulfilled four years ago.

“In 2018, I became the happy owner of my dream red car. Achieving this goal cost me a lot of time and health to trade for money, but it was worth fighting for the dreams,” he said, not knowing what the future held.

“The problems, or rather their seeds, started after I got home. The car turned off and didn't start again," he said.

The man then decided to call for assistance to report the problem, he doesn't know if someone did something remotely or if the car waited a few hours and fixed itself, the important thing is that he can restart it.

“During the warranty period, I could actually go to service every two weeks, because on average, every two weeks, and sometimes even every week, there were some defects. The service always delivered a replacement car and always tried to help, but unfortunately Audi procedures cannot be changed by the service, and these procedures did not change anything and the problems returned even after 5 minutes after leaving the service.”

It is worth noting that because of the faults, it was dangerous to use the vehicle in road traffic.

A faulty Audi 7 


The car owner decided to share some disturbing events, including: gearbox suspension in “sail” mode, turning off cruise control, disabling adaptive lighting and no power when starting

The last of these problems seems to be particularly dangerous: “I arrive at the intersection where I want to turn right and I see a bus coming from the far left. Common day-to-day situation. I turn on the blinkers, turn right, put gas on and the car moves, while the bus in the rearview does not accelerate. 2-3 seconds pass and only the car remembers that it has to accelerate”, said the owner.

It sounds bizarre, but the owner performed the vehicle exchange and the problem reappeared, although he did not perform the aforementioned actions. Factory defect? It could be.

It is important to point out that the assistance tried to help the customer, also after the warranty and this did not solve the problem, as the car broke down and continues to break down.

The owner of the defective Audi A7 applied for compensation in the amount of PLN 40,000. Considering the price of the vehicle, the time involved and all the circumstances, it was a modest value.

Despite this, Audi only offered PLN 10,000 for maintenance services.

“I could write a book about the flaws that have appeared in this car. I prefer to tell my story than accept some messages, I alert and warn future potential customers of this brand”, he concluded.

Many experts suspect the man bought the car after the flood. It's possible? Taking into account the disconnection of the drive and the failures of the electronics, there is a certain probability.

If the seller hid the customer's vehicle history, he could face serious legal consequences.

All that remains is to wish the Audi A7 owner good luck and may he have a happy ending.

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