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Meet the Ferrari SP51, a turbocharged model with a unique example made especially for a rich man

The Special Projects team at Ferrari has been busy for the past decade building a wide variety of unique and few projects for the company's most valued clients.

The latest is a roofless version of the 812 GTS spider, taking the front-engined V-12 super-GT convertible into a true roadster.

The SP51 retains the basic proportions of the 812 but features new wheels and lights, plus a smoother, more fluid bodywork that gives it a subtle retro look.

The blue and white paintwork running from nose to tail also hints at Ferrari's past, specifically the 1955 Ferrari 410 S.

In addition, the three-layer Rosso Passionale paint was developed specifically for this project.

More Ferrari SP51 specs

Ferrari has used carbon fiber extensively on the model, some of which is exposed, to change the look of every dashboard, including the hood.

However, what draws the most attention is the carbon fiber transverse wing that joins the two supports located behind the driver and front passenger seats.

Ferrari has stated that it is a stylistic reference to the targa design used in sports prototypes from the 1960s.

Like all 812-based cars, the Ferrari SP51 is defined by its front-mounted naturally aspirated V-12.

Ferrari also claims that the pinnacle of the design process is in the interior, thanks to the inclusion of two special ideas.

One was to incorporate the blue and white exterior paintwork into the interior, applying it to the dashboard, rear bumper and center tunnel.

And the second is to use the same color Rosso Passionale for the fabric of the Alcantara seat.

The Ferrari SP51 was likely powered by a standard 6.5-liter V12 engine that develops 800 hp and 718 Nm of torque.

The car was produced exclusively for a wealthy Taiwanese buyer, referred to by Ferrari as one of the brand's top collectors.

The manufacturer also said that this special project took an average of two years to complete, but it was not revealed how much this exclusive creation cost.

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