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StartcarsDiscover the supercar elevator that is the dream of many collectors

Discover the supercar elevator that is the dream of many collectors

Stradman's YouTube channel has one of the finest collections in the state of Utah, including cars like the Lamborghini Aventador, Ford VelociRaptor and an ultra-exclusive Hellcat-powered Jeep Gladiator 6X6.

The Stradman has tried to show off its wealth before, stocking its entire supercar collection in one go, but its latest venture into the ultra-luxury lifestyle is perhaps the biggest surprise of all.

Nothing more and nothing less than a personal supercar lift.

The super car elevator

The video begins with Oscar, a dog who is applauded after finding the keys to James Stradman's Ferrari 812 Superfast, which are hidden in the microwave.

Before driving to the new home at 812 Superfast, James teases Oscar a little more as he is the most sought after guest, even by Stradman's own mother.

Once he arrives at the temporary garage, he realizes he forgot the keys to the Bugatti Veyron at the house of an acquaintance named Nick and returns.

This time Nick is home and they decide to take the trip to the new house together.

Boost for the Batcave

At another point in the record, Stradman shows us the garage of his new home and we can immediately see the Supercar's elevator.

The youtuber shows us the simple on/off, up/down system that works with a shortcode.

He decides to demonstrate the system using the US$ 2 million Bugatti Veyron as a guinea pig.

The car descends into the lower parking area he calls the Batcave.

This is definitely a really cool piece of engineering that Stradman claims will never get old.

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