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MegaBronc: Ford F-250 gains front of Bronco and becomes monstrous

The Ford F-250 is the baby model in their lineup of Super Duty pickup trucks. We use the word 'Baby' as loosely as possible. The F-250 measures 250 inches long, 79.3 inches tall and 106 inches wide. It can even tow up to 18,200 pounds. But some people in North Carolina weren't satisfied. MegaRexx has released images and details about its modified F-250 pickup that looks like a new Ford Bronco. They call him MegaBronc, and here's everything they did with him.

What is MegaBronc?

MegaRexx is a North Carolina-based company known for their outrageous car mods, most notably their F-250 trucks. Now they've taken another Ford F-250, beefed it up to the highest degree, and strangely integrated the face of the new Ford Bronco.

The F-250 is 80 inches wide and the Bronco is just 76 inches wide. To incorporate the much smaller face of the much smaller Bronco, the front end of the F-250 was heavily crafted. To match the style of the two, the MegaRexx redesigned the front fenders and hood. The standard front bumper was thrown away. In its place is a new all-steel off-road bumper with a 20-inch LED light bar integrated into the center. It seems a little over the top for the cars it would follow at night.

Many modifications were made to the vehicle, leading it to feature an even wider track. As a result, the front and rear fenders have been widened and feature a more traditional square style. Widened fenders accommodate the chunky 40-inch tires. The fenders are widened by four inches in any size, making the MegaBronc a full 88 inches wide.

Of course, the MegaBronc is based on the big four-door double-cab model. However, if you open up the rear bed, you'll find Bronco-style bars and even an extra set of seats. This converts the F-250 into a seven-seater vehicle. Bed seats lift out of a Ford Expedition to accommodate three extra people, plus four in the cabin.

Over the bed there is a removable hard top. A clever cut-out cubicle allows a passage from the seats from the bed to the cabin.

Does MegaBronc receive mechanical changes?

The MegaBronc looks menacing as it is, mechanically the vehicle is almost factory stock. Of course, 20-inch Method wheels with 40-inch Atturo Trail Blade M/T mud tires, along with Icon's 4.5-inch front coil springs and 5-inch rear springs result in a modest lift. Suspension features other updates to match.

Powertrain upgrades allow the Powerstroke 6.7-liter turbodiesel V8 to better transfer power to the wheels. The engine continues to be mated to the 10-speed automatic transmission that helps put 475 horsepower and 1,050 lb-ft of torque to the wheels.

Any cool tech for the MegaBronc?

The MegaBronc is based on the top of the line finish – F-250 Lariat. So it comes with all the good technology and comfort inside the cabin.

It features dual-zone automatic climate control, adjustable foot pedals, cruise control, 8-inch digital instrument cluster, multiple power outlets, and more. It even comes with FordPass Connect with 4G Wi-Fi Hotspot.

Safety technology is also loaded onto the standard vehicle, such as Pre-Collision Assist with automatic emergency braking and forward collision warning. However, we are not sure if these functions are still active in MegaBronc with the heavy modifications to the front end. However, in the cabin, multiple airbags are standard, plus much more, keeping all occupants safe inside the cabin.

Of course, there are no airbags for the three extra passengers in the bed, but the Bronco-style roll bars will help protect the passengers to some extent.

Does the MegaBronc make sense?

Sure, it looks ominous, the whole concept of a Bronco-faced F-250 super duty is totally insane. The finished product is not something that can be called beautiful, but to each his own. Appearance can be subjective.

MegaRexx is asking a mega price of US$ 200,000 for MegaBronc. Whereas you can get a standard F-250 Lariat for less than half that with a long list of equipment and money left over for another Bronco. The MegaBronc is by no means cheap. But if you're looking for something that adds a little more personality to your everyday truck, the MegaBronc might just float your boat.

However, MegaRexx has built another vehicle called MegaRaptor in the past. He married the F-250 to the look of the F-150 Raptor, only meaner. It has received similar updates to MegaBronc, but it looks a lot cooler if you ask us.

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