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MegaRexx MegaRaptor 7: Meet the titanic luxury SUV with three rows of seats

It might not seem like it, but this is the best family car in America, especially if you live in Texas or Florida. We are talking about a luxury SUV with three rows of seats called MegaRexx MegaRaptor 7.

The vehicle is basically an elevated Ford F-250 with a cargo area converted to carry passengers, resulting in extra seats in the trunk.

The MegaRexx MegaRaptor and its version for 7 passengers achieve the impossible: to be more absurd and unnecessary.

Though you'd honestly be surprised by how popular these urban hyper pickup trucks are on the American scene. Just when you think no one in their right mind could use one of these on a daily basis, three of them show up in Florida or Los Angeles traffic.

Somewhere in North Carolina is the base of MegaRexx, where all the magic happens after MegaRaptor 7, as well as its variant with fewer seats.

Of the Ford F-250 Super Duty on which it is based, only the cabin, engine and vague traces of the front remain, as the MegaRexx installs its own reinforced front bumper, steps to climb into the cabin and a modified cargo area with a removable glass roof.

To take on all these mods and take down the commoners, MegaRexx installs a new suspension.

This vehicle has new leaf dampers, reinforced components, springs and power assist, and much more. In total, this symbol of the USA rises about 34 cm from the ground, almost twice as much as a regular F-250 .

Some 46” Michelin all-terrain tires occupy the vehicle, along with some special wheels that “resist anti-personnel mine explosions”, as MegaRexx said.

If you think all this is excessive, you haven't seen the third line yet. In the cargo area, there are railings that act as a cage to protect passengers if they want to go outside.

Otherwise, a glass lid slides over them, which functions as the “cabin” for that third row. Truth be told, the legroom in this area is titanic, almost as much as the MegaRaptor.

Where the second row used to be, two individual captain's chairs now live, making the MegaRaptor a perfect 7-person car.

Outside of the third row, which is an Expedition, the interior is pretty much the same as a well-equipped F-250. That is, it is equipped with Bang & Olufsen sound, screen with Sync system, heated front seats and a lot of leather.

Interestingly, the MegaRexx does not have the F-250's V8 turbodiesel engine. This means that the vehicle has 475 hp and a torque of 1,423 Nm. All of this goes to all four wheels and is managed by a 10-speed automatic.

If you want to buy a vehicle that serves your entire family, this is the vehicle for you. Although it might be easier and cheaper to buy a Ford Expedition or Excursion if you want more space.

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