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Mercury Cyclone GT returns in modern version thanks to rendering

One of the shortest-lived muscle car entries of the classic American era was the Mercury Cyclone.

Much overshadowed by the smaller Mercury Cougar car, it was also crushed by the Marquis/Marauder's full-size two-door seriousness.

Of course, some fans might still claim that the sibling Ford Fairlane Thunderbolt was a cool way to stand out in the sea of GM, Ford and Mopar muscle cars of the day.

And it's all thanks to its sleek two-door coupe and convertible looks, plus the added performance brought by the GT (390ci) and 428 Cobra Jet options.

But slowly, the Cyclone fell by the wayside, along with the Mercury division of the Ford Motor Company, which has now been retired for over a decade.

Sadly, not everyone has forgotten the Cyclone's classic, edgy late 1960s look.

The rendering that brings back the Mercury Cyclone GT


This is the case of Mridul Basist, a 22-year-old digital automotive artist and design freelancer best known as bimbledesigns on social media, who decided to collaborate with HotCars to imagine the return of the Mercury Cyclone GT in CGI.

Some might even wonder if the 2024 Ford Mustang donated any of its DNA to this virtual rebirth.

Frankly, if so, the design traits of the seventh generation S650 are carefully camouflaged behind the third and fourth iteration's retro-modern interpretation of the classic Cyclone GT Cobra Jet front panel.

The muscle profile, meanwhile, is a bit more generic, likely in an attempt to ensure it doesn't detract from the surprisingly beautiful, simple yet impactful high wing and rear LED treatment.

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