Moto Power H2O – Brazilian creates water-powered motorcycle


A Brazilian created a water-powered motorcycle in his garage in São Paulo, the “Moto Power H2O”. The 1993 motorcycle of the worker Ricardo Azevedo is powered by water.

A car battery produces electricity and, through electrolysis, hydrogen is separated from water molecules. The process results in combustion which creates the energy needed to start the bike:

“This equipment breaks the water molecule, transforming that molecule into oxygen and hydrogen. The hydrogen comes out in greater quantity and I use it to run the motorcycle's engine”, explains Ricardo Azevedo.

Six months after launching this concept and having carried out more tests and improvements, its creator believes that the project can contribute to reducing the level of pollution. Instead of carbon monoxide coming out of the tailpipe we have water vapor:

“This motorcycle is powered by hydrogen taken from the water and in the hybrid tests I did it can reach 500 kilometers with a liter of water”, says its inventor.

This is certainly not the only answer to global energy needs, but it is at least a potential alternative to fossil fuels:

“Each new device, or any job, has to be taken seriously, with respect. I respect people who, out of concern, start messing with things they have at home and then put something to work”, says Marcelo Alves, professor of mechanical engineering at the University of São Paulo.

Various car manufacturers are launching different vehicles based on the principle of hydrogen combustion. But a solution to end the consumption of fossil fuels is far from being achieved:

“We need to inform the public that there is no magic solution. In the case of electric vehicles, they are not powered by water but by electricity, using a battery. But we have to commend the efforts of all the people who are concerned and maybe we should help them so that they can develop their projects, so that it can be a solution for someone who wants to use these kind of devices, the motorcycle, for example.” explains the same teacher.

To test his homemade technology, the Brazilian inventor experimented with distilled, potable water and even water from a highly polluted local river:

“I also experimented with polluted water from the Tietê River. And, to my surprise, the polluted water of this river yielded as much as the ideal water. That's why today I use the water from the Tietê River as fuel for my motorcycle.”

But there is no beauty without but. The vehicle created by Ricardo Azevedo is less polluting but hydrogen is highly flammable so it is necessary to find solutions to solve the safety issues that arise.

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