Caterpillar motorcycle with V8 engine? Check out images of this brutal machine


Have you ever imagined a Caterpillar motorcycle with a V8 engine? A combination of a motorcycle with chopper style and the classic features of Caterpillar heavy machinery and an engine Chevrolet V8 (small or big block). Yes, it really does exist, as strange as it may seem, and you will be able to see the images of this stunning insanity.

We are talking about the motorcycle Boss Hoss Cat 600h, developed by the American company that has the exact name of Boss Hoss. This company was founded in 1990 and is headquartered in Dyersburg, Tennessee. Its objective is to manufacture motorcycles high performance, high power, using Chevrolet's V8 engines (5.7 or 8.2 liters), coupled to semi-automatic transmissions.

Despite their size, power and weight, Boss Hoss motorcycles seek to offer an excellent level of comfort and dynamic behavior, seeking a quality standard comparable to that of other famously recognized manufacturers.

The model featured in this post is special because it has paint and details alluding to Caterpillar's visual identification. It really is a beautiful example of a chopper motorcycle, and you can see the images of this Boss Hoss in the photos in this post and in the video below. What did you think of thisCaterpillar motorcycle” with unique design? Didn't it make you want to ride it?

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