Honda motorcycle bought in 1981 was found Zero km


A 40-year-old, zero-kilometer Honda motorcycle has been rediscovered and is up for auction after the father of its first owner banned him from riding it and locked it in a garage for decades.

The 1981 Honda CB100N was bought brand new by the young man while living with his parents.

However, his childhood fantasy of riding a motorcycle never materialized because his father forbade him to ride.

Instead, the machine was left to languish in the garage for the next four decades.

After his father died, the unnamed owner, who is now 50 years old, was tasked with cleaning his Bridgewater, Somerset home and tripped over his old motorcycle.

He agreed to sell the bike to neighbor Graham Tozer, who has now put it up for sale at auction.

The bike still has its original tax certificate with an expiry date of July 31, 1982. The odometer shows the exact mileage of just four tenths of a mile.

Tozer said: “I'm a collector of motorcycles and classic cars, so six months ago my neighbor called me and said he needed to get rid of it.

“He was born in the house and spent his whole life there. When he was young, he really wanted to have his own bike, but when he brought it home, his father wouldn't let him ride it.

'He saved up for so long to buy it, but his father just said, 'you're not going to do that.' You can put it in the shed'.

“Apparently, your father was very strict. He was an ex-military man and was the head of the house.

“I would have loved a motorcycle like this when I was younger, but my dad would probably have done the same thing.

“Having a bike from the eighties that hasn't been touched is so unique. It really is like the Holy Grail for collectors.'

George Beale, Specialist at Charterhouse Auctioneers of Sherborne, Dorset, said: “These motorcycles were normally used for commuting, so those that have been on the market since the 1980s tend not to be in the best condition.

'But with a little work this one can be like new, which is incredibly unusual for something so old.

“It would be rare to find any vehicle from the 1980s without any mileage. It turns out that this boy's tyrannical father was much stronger than he was.

Honda is being sold with a pre-sale estimate of £2,000 at the Haynes International Motor Museum.

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