Bike nicknamed "Anti-Christ" has dual Honda CB 750 engine

Two Honda CB750 engines were connected for this machine


Lots of weird custom motorcycles and ridiculous are emerging lately. We found another one, and this one is so good I think it's the best so far.

The 1972 Honda Double 750 Salt Flat Racer “Anti-Christ” is a beast that houses two Honda CB750 engines working together to set Bonneville speed records.

We are fans of dual engine motorcycles. It is somewhat common to add power through “more engine”, but the end result is often impressive, especially on a motorcycle. For Boris “Bob” Guynes, this twin-engine custom motorcycle that will be auctioned embodied his love for Hondas and racing.

Photo: Lawrence via Mecum

Guynes, who passed away last year, has lived what appears to be an incredible life. mecum observe that the Army Veteran has accumulated over 60 years of racing and building motorcycles. He would attempt to set a Bonneville speed record on one motorcycle and then race the infamous Isle of Man TT on another.

His collection of pieces from the history of two wheels is being auctioned at Mecum thanks to his son Lawrence. You will quickly notice that almost all motorcycles are Hondas. like Lawrence explained Mecum, your dad really loved an old Honda:

“He loved Honda mechanics; he was always very fond of engineering and adhered to its philosophy.

The incredible piece in Guynes' collection is the 1972 Honda Double 750 Salt Flat Racer, dubbed the Anti-Christ. According to Lawrence, his father dreamed of a build so extreme that not even Honda would create it.

Photo: Lawrence via Mecum

The Anti-Cristo starts out as a pair of modified Honda CB750 engines. These were a good basis for a machine as wild as this one. The CB750's advanced engineering has made it the benchmark for superbikes. It featured a transversely mounted inline-four with an overhead camshaft and bulletproof reliability. Many of them are still on the road today as a testament to their durability.

A single CB750 engine has approximately 68 horsepower. Right? 2 engines are making at least 136 HP. Mecum explains some of the changes. The most important thing is that the motors are linked together through their primary units.

Photo: Lawrence via Mecum

The monster is powered by two carbs per engine, sucking air through speed stacks. 

Lubrication for the creation comes from a dry sump oil system with an external catch can.

Photo: Lawrence via Mecum

The exhaust is also amazing, as it goes from eight pipes to four.

All of this is mounted on a custom frame that is topped off with a fuel tank from a Honda 450 twin. And yes, it's as heavy as it looks, weighing in at 1,000 pounds.

Halting all that weight are giant four-shoe drums. Lawrence says this motorcycle was made to make a statement in Bonneville that his father wasn't kidding.

Photo: Lawrence via Mecum

I think the message was definitely sent and received.

Guynes' friend Ray Byrne managed to run the machine, but unfortunately Mecum doesn't realize how fast the thing really is.

Photo: Lawrence via Mecum

Mecum also warns that this is not legal on the road. However, with the addition of a brake light, turn signals and mirrors, several states would issue a license plate for this thing.

Lawrence hopes whoever buys the Antichrist doesn't try to race the rebel bike. But if that gives you please, your encounter with the devil will be in Mecum in Las Vegas on January 27 . I would love to see it with signs crossing a road.

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