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New Volkswagen Gen.Travel concept opens the door to an autonomous and efficient future

THE Volkswagen revealed a new design study with level 5 autonomous driving capability, a modular cockpit and a futuristic look.

Gen.Travel is not intended for production, but some of its features may make their way into future VW Group models, depending on customer response.

Interestingly, the concept is not a VW, as it bears the Volkswagen Group branding on both sides.

The model has unconventional proportions with a vertical windshield that merges into a large greenhouse that is visually separated from the rest of the bodywork.

According to its designers, the Gen.Travel concept blurs the boundaries between minivan and sedan bodies, targeting a premium segment.

More specifications of the Volkswagen Gen.Travel

The transparent part of the cabin reaches waist level, providing maximum visibility to the outside.

The model also features two large gull-wing doors for easy entry/exit, slim LED lights, a short hood, black painted fenders, aerodynamic wheels and a stylish rear spoiler where there is no rear window.

Even more interesting is the interior of the concept, which is modular and enjoys full autonomy in a Level 5 concept.

The concept is conceived as a mobility-as-a-service offering with long-distance travel and the use of eco-friendly upholstery materials.

Gen.Travel includes a special active suspension called eABC (Electric Active Body Control) for maximum comfort.

Finally, it uses artificial intelligence and platoons, the term used for autonomous driving in convoys that have improved efficiency and available range.

Volkswagen has yet to announce detailed base specs, but the concept will be all-electric.

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