Tuesday, March 28, 2023
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New Ford Maverick GT 2023 Sedan

There are several classic cars that would deserve updated modern versions, would you agree? One of them is the legendary Ford Maverick GT 2023. Given this, designers, including the Brazilian 3duo_design, decided to develop the unforgettable muscle car of the 70s, imagining what the new Maverick GT 2023.

The Ford Maverick, along with the Chevrolet Opal form the so-called national “muscle cars”. Both cars are greatly missed, and deserve to come back to life. That's why I present the new Ford Maverick.

The Ford Maverick appeared in 1969 in the U.S, arriving at Brazil in 1973. The version that aroused the most interest here was the GT, with its extraordinary V8 engine 302 of 197 hp. The car was sold in the country until 1979 and its sales did not reach the full potential it deserved due to the oil crisis at the time. Even so, it remains a dream come true for many enthusiasts and old-timers, mainly because of its striking and intimidating style.

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Credits: 3duo_design
Credits: 3duo_design
Credits: 3duo_design
Credits: 3duo_design
Credits: 3duo_design
Credits: 3duo_design

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  1. My oldest sister used to have a green Ford (North America) Maverick and it is a truly underrated muscle car platform, along with the Final Generation of the Mercury (North America) Comet, which is a bit harder to find, and despite its flaws, with the right kinds of repairs, upgrades, and custom/aftermarket parts, they are just as awesome as the First Generation Ford Mustang/Mercury Cougar/Ford (EU) T5, and ditto for the Ford (UK/EU) Capri/ First Generation Mercury (North America) Capri. Now with that being said, I absolutely HATE that this car was turned into a truck…A TRUCK…for the North American market! Honestly, I don't know which is the biggest insult to vehicles that Ford has made in recent years, the fact that they no longer make single cab trucks, like, AT ALL, the fact that they also do this, not just in North America , but also worldwide, the fact that long bed pick up trucks are no longer being made in North America, the fact that long pick up beds are no longer being made worldwide, the fact that the Mustang Mockery, excuse me, Mach-E, exists, or, perhaps equally as big of an insult, the fact that the Third Generation Ford F-150 Lightning is an all-electric vehicle. Now with that being said, I absolutely LOVE the work that not only Iromadodecio made with his awesome Ford Galaxie concept car, but I also love what Du Oliviera Design has done with the new Ford Maverick. I am serious, WHY has Ford NOT hired these people to design these vehicles? Also, Du Oliviera Design has absolutely NAILED what a modern Ford Maverick SHOULD look like in this era, and, please, PLEASE, let there be a Ford Coyote V8 under the hood instead of some hybrid or electric idiocy, okay? Thank you. (Edit: I just noticed that this vehicle is built upon the same platform as the Ford Mustang, but the car still looks distinct enough to be its own model.)

  2. Afternoon he was very beautiful, Maverick, the old one was already a drag and now it's still and or it's turbocharged it was I'm crazy for a car like that already and di brand with this model so …uuuuuuuaaaaAuuuuhhh

  3. The new model looks pretty good.
    The Grabber was the performance model? The original Maverick was an undecorated Mustang. So cheaply designed the front fenders rotted right off of them.
    I like the price point of the new truck and that the price point gives options to the working class. This makes buying new a reality for more people.


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