Tuesday, January 31, 2023
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New Honda CR-V will be manufactured in the United States and will bet on hydrogen technology FCEV-Learn more!

Honda, one of the true experts in hydrogen, is taking a big step forward in hydrogen technology.

The American division of the Japanese brand has confirmed the launch of a model equipped with this technology.

The new generation Honda CR-V will be an electric crossover in 2024.

The new Honda CR-V with hydrogen technology

The Honda CR-V will arrive in Europe in 2023 as a plug-in hybrid only. The Japanese brand's best-selling model over the past 25 years will replace its traditional internal combustion engine with an advanced PHEV.

This unprecedented version will be produced at Honda's Ohio Manufacturing Center, which houses true specialists in the production of high-end and special electrified vehicles such as the Acura NSX, in addition to the other sports models in the line of this most luxury brand, with which Honda develops special models for American customers.

The past five years have been pivotal for Honda as the company has been hard at work perfecting its current fuel cell technology for integration into SUVs.

Brand representatives declined to provide further technical details about this new system, only pointing out that the new CR-V FCEV will continue to support its fork.

An interesting solution that will allow owners to fill up with hydrogen in just a few minutes at special service stations, hydrogen generators or recharge the battery at charging points.

The Honda CR-V FCEV will arrive in 2024 and more details will be announced as the model's market launch approaches.

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