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StartcarsNew Ram 1500 EV 2024 is presented with futuristic details

New Ram 1500 EV 2024 is presented with futuristic details

Stellantis, through its dedicated brand Ram Trucks, may hold the OEM power crown in terms of ICE pickup trucks, but it is about to fall behind in the electric vehicle revolution. After all, your rivals already have the 2022 F-150 Lightning and 2024 Silverado EV, right?

Thus, Ford has recently started production of its pickup truck. EV, while General Motors has the luxury of being elegantly late with the 2024 Silverado because it already sells the GMC Hummer EV for (likely) hefty profits. Meanwhile, a small startup called Rivian has also overtaken Tesla's Cybertruck in the market with its R1T truck.

Credits: KDesign AG/Behance

Sadly, Stellantis is only showing off bold EV plans and mere teasers for its Ram 1500 EV that could supposedly land as early as 2024MY - even Musk's edgy pickup has been seen, tested and delayed in plain sight. So is anyone surprised that virtual automotive artists are constantly trying to bring some unofficial CGI light to the mysterious appearance of this easy EV pickup truck competitor?

Many pixel masters used the official teasers, thus discovering – with varying degrees of success – the possible styling of Stellantis' 2024 Ram 1500 EV pickup. Kleber Silva, a virtual artist from Brazil known as “KDesign AG” on social media, on the other hand digital, was quick to take the latest EV pickup news and fully explore it in CGI.

Not long ago, the good people of CarNewsChina showed us the patent-revealed design of an upcoming Chinese electric pickup from Sany Group – a company with great experience with workhorses, as it only builds “ excavators, cranes and trucks ” as well as wind turbines, according to the publication. Unfortunately, the Sany EV truck was too futuristic to not warrant a second CGI look.

As such, it has now morphed into America's Ram 1500 EV using the minimalist styling of the Chinese EV pickup and elements of the current Ram 1500 lineup. ICE . We know it's just an illusion, but do you like it?


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