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New Renault Espace is transformed into a super luxurious seven-seater SUV

The few surviving minivan fans are well aware that very brief moments made the segment so popular before the arrival of crossover SUVs or the EV revolution.

And one of them was certainly in 1984, nearly four decades ago, when French automaker Renault introduced the original Espace.

The model is a five-door passenger car now classed as a major MPV, which helped birth the minivan segment in Europe and so its automaker has enough respect to still produce the nameplate.

However, as minivans are an endangered race, they don't want that extinction to reach space.

And, according to a rumor, there's a simple solution where possibly a completely new generation will see the legendary nameplate transform from a premium MPV into a full-fledged crossover SUV.

Kolesa believes there will be enough space in the model, owing to an increased wheelbase to accommodate the third row of seats, keeping the traditional seven-seat MPV option alive, just differently.

A rendering of the new Renault Espace

Anyway, virtual artist Nikita Chuicko, better known as kelsonik on social media, focused on the alleged new Renault Espace, and created a very elegant seven-seater SUV.

The model in CGI It brings the current design language of the latest models in the French automaker's family, plus huge rear doors and an elongated trunk to properly allow for the option of seven seats, elegant access to the rear seat and more luggage space.


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