Thursday, March 23, 2023
StartcarsNew Volkswagen 2022 - Karmann Ghia

New Volkswagen 2022 – Karmann Ghia

The New Volkswagen 2022 - Karmann Ghia has aggressive lines compared to the original, but is faithful to the style of the national classic. Both in coupe and convertible versions, the project does not depart from Karmann-Ghia's objective, which is to recreate the old sports car and place it on the domestic market.

The company intends to build the production version on a platform already available in the Brazilian market, but apparently has not closed a deal with any automaker. Karmann-Ghia is investing in the modernization of the Anchieta factory, in São Bernardo do Campo/SP, in order to resume vehicle production, either its own brand or third parties. Did you like this project? Does it come out of paper?

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  1. A beautiful project! Certainly the return of the iconic sports car (now renewed in a top-of-the-line design…) will bring great joy to the old/new world fans of the model and the brand – it is a Brazilian classic that is still successful wherever it goes.

  2. As an owner of a '69 Karmann Ghia I'm impressed with how the new body style is staying close to the old lines. Would be nice to add the models line. Interested to see the features and performance changes.


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