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StartcarsNFL Star Brandon Bolden Receives 400-horsepower Armored Ford Bronco

NFL Star Brandon Bolden Receives 400-horsepower Armored Ford Bronco

Buying a new vehicle is always exciting, especially if you know you're getting the chance to fully customize it to your heart's desire. NFL star Brandon Bolden went all-in, buying and customizing a bespoke 400 horsepower armored Ford Bronco.

Las Vegas Raiders star Brandon Bolden, a two-time Super Bowl champion, has signed a two-year contract for $$ 5 million with the Raiders this season. That means it was the right time for a new vehicle. His choice this time was a Ford Bronco. 6th generation series four-door hatchback, launched in 2021

As the model is among the top choices of customers in the US, Bolden didn't want to have anything in stock. So he got in touch with South Florida Jeeps, a dealership that focuses on customizing large SUVs or trucks, to make it special.

The result was an apocalypse-ready vehicle with black paintwork that looks ready to withstand anything thanks to its Kevlar-fiber-filled armored outer hull, dubbed by the Fort Lauderdale crew as the SoFlo Stallion. The running back's Bronco is rounded off with a custom, removable black sloping roof and is equipped with bronze XD wheels. The cabin features Ranch leather with black accents throughout the interior and there's a new onboard sound system to provide a whole new level of entertainment.

And the part you're wondering, yes, the engine has also received an update. Starting with the Bronco's most powerful engine option, the 2.7-liter V6 EcoBoost, which offered 330 horsepower (335 hp) and 415 lb-ft (563 Nm) on premium fuel, the shop took the SUV to a whopping 400 horsepower (406 ps). They achieved this by equipping it with a bigger compressor, smaller pulleys and bigger injectors.

With imposing looks and enhanced performance, the NFL star's Bronco looks ready to start fighting crime or even surviving the apocalypse. Since Bolden won't be doing any of these things, he's definitely going to get a lot of attention when he's behind the wheel of his new SUV.

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