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Nio Tesla's Biggest Threat Coming Soon

Nio will be released before 2025.

Have you heard of Nio? If you don't know car manufacturers outside of the US, you may not know the Chinese EV maker, but that will change.

recently published by electrek , Nio Vice President Saurabh Bhatnagar posted no fewer than 47 job postings on the business networking site, LinkedIn , all listed in the US.

Since the news of the Nio EP9 electric supercar a few years ago, the automaker has been steadily increasing its reach in China and the rest of Asia. In 2021 alone, the company delivered more than 80,940 vehicles, but also left Asia launching in Norway, Germany and the Netherlands. US job listings follow with the recent launch of the Nio ET5 electric sedan, which the brand could easily rival the Tesla Model 3 with.

At the Nio Day event where the ET5 was unveiled, Nio stated its intentions to expand to 25 regions around the world by 2025. This fits in with the company's earlier desire to enter Western Europe with a strong presence, but the US had not officially confirmed for an imminent market launch. However, a map displayed in the Dia do Niño presentation highlights Australia, New Zealand and, most importantly, the US.

Of the job postings, 46 are located in San Jose, California and include positions such as Head of Energy Strategy, Head of Architecture and Design, Motion Control Specialist, Self-Directed Safety Researcher, and Standards Leadership Engineer. and Security Compliance.

The breadth of available positions suggests genuine developmental roles within the organization. One vacancy was announced in Seattle for a motion control specialist, while two – Principal Software Security Architect and Principal OS Security Architect – are remote positions.

Nio has previously predicted market launches with such recruitment announcements, announcing in Germany and the Netherlands before confirming these market launches. This indicates that the launch of the brand in the American market is imminent.

The ET5 will be a crucial model in the fight against Tesla and other EV automakers, but with a range of up to 621 miles and a luxurious interior, as well as advanced semi-autonomous technologies, it looks like it might have a big chance. Other models sold by the automaker include the EC6, ES6 and ES8 crossovers, which will be vital weapons in the arsenal if the manufacturer wants to make a strong entry into the US market.

The biggest challenge will be trying to steal sales from Tesla, while defending itself against the advances of established brands in the country like VW, Chevrolet and Ford, all of which have invested heavily in electrifying their lines.

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