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StartcarsNissan 370Z Nismo Virtual gets split Kona headlights and other modifications

Nissan 370Z Nismo Virtual gets split Kona headlights and other modifications

In the real world, Mercedes-Benz cars and SUVs are becoming more subtle than Ingolstadt-based creations. Furthermore, BMWs not only play with dual coffin grilles, but also have their headlights split into separate elements. And those were just a few examples of the premium stratosphere.

In the entire realm of the virtual automotive artist, only imagination is the limit to what pixel masters can achieve. So some of them like to grab attention – for both right and wrong reasons – through outrageous CGI transformations where two (or more) vehicles blend into their design cues in wonderful or abhorrent ways.

Henry Andrews, a virtual artist better known as photo.chopshop on social media, has a vivid imagination when it comes to such mashups. So, we'll let you be the judge of the latest one - a tuned Nissan 370Z Nismo that developed a sudden case of the 2022 Hyundai Kona Electric facelift.

It looks like the pixel master has returned to quirky mashup shapes after gracing us with some believable transformations in the form of a C8 Corvette Z06 x SL 65 widebody coupe AMG or a revived Toyota MR2 Spyder from a GR Supra and a McLaren supercar. Now, the latest ideas have to do with things like a Liberty Walk Lambo Murcielago Mercedes SLR McLaren and a bunch of other JDM-influenced “things” (they're all tucked away in the gallery).

Naturally, this Kona O Electric Nismo is the lowest but the proudest of them, although it might not be for the right reasons. Either way, let's just understand if this mashup isn't everyone's cup of tea - even if the tuning package feels more than complete while boasting a tight attitude, the right camber, and cool aftermarket wheels.


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