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Nissan Navara gets 1000hp Nissan GT-R R35 engine

O navara it's probably one of the last models in the Nissan lineup that you'd expect to see tweaked. Still, the professional drifter Steve BaggsyBiagioni and the team at SB Motorsports spent two years working on the ladder frame pickup, resulting in the pictured Navara-R, which is powered by a tuned GT-R engine.

The unique Navara-R feels like the piece thanks to a wide body kit customized by Sterling Automotive and the fact that it was slammed to the ground. The kit includes front and rear fender add-ons, bumper extensions, a pronounced front splitter and two rear spoilers – one mounted to the roof and one to the tailgate. Fleet Livery Solutions Ltd's custom race car-style wrap, in combination with attractive 20-inch BBS wheels shod in sticky tires, ensures no one will mistake this Navara for a stock model.

While the appearance is impressive, the most important changes are hidden under the skin. The stock Navara diesel engine is gone, making room for a tuned VR38DETT engine from the Nissan GT-R. The displacement of the twin-turbo V6 engine, which is now known as the VR41, has been increased to 4.1 liters, with power reaching the magic number of 1,000 hp (736 kW / 1,014 PS). Power is transmitted to all four wheels via a reworked dual-clutch transmission, built by experts at Dodson Motorsport.

Nissan's one-ton pickup truck is known for its off road credentials, but the Navara-R received a chassis overhaul to have the best performance on the track. More specifically, it comes equipped with a GT-R subframe, with custom suspension towers and KW V4 Racing Coilover suspension with an HLS 4 hydraulic lift system. Naturally, the stopping power has also been upgraded with RC6 and RC4 Alcon Specialist brakes.

Inside the cabin, the team added a new steering wheel original GT-R, a pair of Sparco seats, a red button, a small digital instrument cluster and a custom Kenwood infotainment system with a large touchscreen covering the center. console.

Looking at this heavily modified pickup with monstrous power, you're probably thinking it will remain one of a kind. However, as reported by Top Gear, SB Motorsports is taking orders from enthusiasts willing to pay at least £250,000 (US $ 313,712) for the crazy conversion. What's even more surprising is that the vehicle remains street-legal, although we don't suggest using it for your everyday use.

Please note that the latest generation of Navara was discontinued from Europe, with a recently revamped version of the pickup in Australia and in some Asian markets. This isn't the first time the GT-R engine has come to a Nissan model with a different body style, but the Navara-R appears to be even more extreme than the Juke-R of Limited production and factory built.

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