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StartcarsNew Summer 2023? - New Design, Price and Photos

New Summer 2023? – New Design, Price and photos

Back to the reinterpretations, this would be the new Chevrolet Veraneio 2023. The style directly follows the model launched in the 60s, including the unmistakable descending lateral crease.

Chevrolet Veraneio history

It was launched in 1964 with the name C1416 as a substitute for the Amazon and only in 1969 it received the name Veraneio. This body was used a lot as a van by the police. During the 70's until 1989 the car underwent few modifications such as grilles and headlight changes.

This body was widely used as a truck for the police. During the 70's until 1989 the car underwent few modifications such as grilles and headlight changes.

In 1990, derived from the A/C and D20 line, a new longer Veraneio and gasoline engines appeared. 6 cylinders and 4-cylinder Diesel, a much shorter and 2-door version also appeared, the Bonanza. They ceased production in 1994.

Credits: Du Oliveira

This would be the idea of the new version of the new Chevrolet Veraneio 2023.

Credits: Du Oliveira

The style directly follows the model launched in the '60s, including the unmistakable downward side crease.

Credits: Du Oliveira

The rear of the new Chevrolet Veraneio 2023 is the most retro part with a slope beyond the glass area.

Credits: Du Oliveira

The front refers to the classic model, but with elements of the current Chevrolet visual identity.

Credits: Du Oliveira

In this project, the new Veraneio is similar in size to the American Tahoe, but with a slightly larger rear overhang.

Credits: Du Oliveira

Couldn't miss the famous police car version.

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  1. This was the car of my life!
    I have always been passionate about Summer. We have vacation stories (BH-MG to Imperatriz-MA). And best of all, we are the same age! There if I could………

  2. I used to live in the old Cicob neighborhood, today Dom Bosco in BH-MG.
    When we went to choose a car for our trip, it came straight to Veraneio! Great, we could put mattresses. Anyway, it was the best! Passionate car.

  3. Veraneio has always been a passionate car. With this new designer then, it's going to rock. It is a robust and very strong car. It's firm in the curves, and best of all; “You will come back at your best.” Congratulations Summer!

  4. I am passionate about summer. I have a 1972 and I travel with it once a year… I wish I could drive it more often, but with gasoline at r$ 8.00 it's hard!!!

  5. It was a show, I liked it and if Chevrolet decided to manufacture it again for the summer, this design was almost perfect. But it would have to be with the same suspension and mechanics as the S-10 diesel and gasoline. I talk about the suspension because the rear is long and when loaded it has to be reinforced, otherwise it wobbles a lot. I don't know what the wheelbase of this model would be but I believe it would be good if it were the same as the S-10. There is another detail that could be changed. When the rear seat doors are opened, half of the fender goes with it. And in the old model it was not so. Either place the rear axle a little to the back or change the door detail so as not to cut the fender. But it was beautiful and with cutting-edge technology and media it will be tempting.

  6. Very cool! I was impressed with the article. How nice it will be to see Veraneio back!! Whoever piloted this machine will never forget. His snoring is unmistakable.

  7. My “little” story…it was like this…in the 70s…I did my Master’s and worked at Esalq in Piracicaba…it was a project financed by FAPESP, B.Brasil, together with Cetesb, where I was an employee…see… Summer…78 zero, light blue, because we had to travel a lot…several times to Sugarcane Mills…among them the one in R. Preto, of the Junqueira family, of the Ometo of B. Bonita, inside others…and always with her… “our” dear Veraneio…it was a show…in the rain, in the sun…in the mud… so it was a party…lol…But then, at the end of the second year…with the gasoline “already” getting a little expensive… Cetesb… decided to “send” us one of the first Fiat 147s running on alcohol… hummm… it was like leaving an Apto. of 500m²…for a Kitnet of 35…kkkk…and our dream…to stay…with Her…with this great Warrior and Companion is gone…just like my good friend Driver Wagner…TB…because he .. did not admit this exchange …and TB…was changed…imagine. Hugs to all the lovers of this great GM reference.


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