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StartcarsNew Ford F-150 Lightning comes with adapter to charge Teslas

New Ford F-150 Lightning comes with adapter to charge Teslas

While the age of electrification is indeed upon us, car manufacturers in the US have not agreed to standardize charging cable connectors, which can be frustrating for owners. 

In a somewhat surprising move, Ford took the liberty of equipping the Ford F-150 Lightning 2022 with a standard accessory component that allows power from the onboard Pro Power generator to charge the Tesla models that have their own proprietary connection.

The news was shared on the forum Lightning owners by user PipeFitter52 who discovered the special item shortly after receiving his electric pickup: Teslas. Interesting find. If I find any Tesla dead, I will let my Ford Lightning come to the rescue.”

The part is a Lenz J1772 replacement adapter that you can easily find and buy. online. As noted on the box, it's "compatible with all Tesla models", meaning you can plug any Model S, 3, X or Y with a dead battery into your Ford F-150's generator, saving the day. 

This feature is in keeping with Jim Farley's comments during the launch of the F-150 Lightning: "if the power goes out you can charge your neighbor's Tesla". Forum user ChasingCoral suggested that they should add “Tesla Rescue Squad” stickers to their trucks as they are able to offer free roadside assistance.

Credits: Lightningowners.com User PipeFitter52

In addition to the Tesla charger, among the items that come with each new Lightning is a second adapter built by Parkworld that is compatible with all Ford mobile chargers. This means that all F-150 Lightnings are potential charging stations for other EVs.

Pro Power on-board generator available on the F-150 Lightning and F-150 PowerBoost Hybrid can provide 20 miles (32 km) of range in a Mach-E for every hour of charging, or 13 miles (21 km) on another F-150 Lightning. We believe the 240 volt outlet will provide a similar amount of range to any Tesla. Ford says the on-board generator can fully fuel a home for up to three days.

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