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THE WIDOW IS BACK!! New Yamaha RD 350 2022

The New Yamaha RD 350 2022 with YPVS valve, a light sports car with a two-stroke engine.

the spanish designer JP Motordesign paid this tribute to one of the queens, knowing in advance that the original versions will always be unrivaled because they have already acquired the status of myth.

The work started from scratch and we worked with the idea of creating a current bike, with two-stroke technology, keeping the displacement of 350cc. At no point are they intended to mimic the shapes of the old RD, but rather, we thought about creating a totally new motorcycle, trying to imagine what the natural evolution of the model would be.

Although Yamaha adopted its dual aluminum Deltabox chassis in the 1990s, the chassis configuration chosen for the RD is tubular, emulating the originals, but with a double cradle and triangular keys.

The geometries are very similar to the Rd of the past, so the rider adopts a forward driving position, with low pulses, in contrast to the geometries adopted by today's motorcycles.

Another detail that evokes the past, the fuel tank that gains height again in the back, the closest to the pilot.

The colín is two-seater, and we wanted to respect a size and height according to the acronym RD. New trends reduce this element to the minimum expression.

That doesn't happen here, where we think the tail has figured it out, it's one of the most beautiful parts of a motorcycle and as such it has to be visible.

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  1. At least it has disc brakes in the back… The original would kill for not having it.. but they did their best on the scale, only the wheel was ridiculous… anyone who has ever walked a widow knows that in the first hole with this wheel and you're dead.


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