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Official Batmobile used in Tim Burton movies is up for sale

Few fictional characters are better associated with an exciting car than Batman and now there's an opportunity to buy one of the most exciting Batmobiles of all time.

We're talking about the official car used in Tim Burton's 1989 and 1992 films, "Batman" and "Batman Returns".

The original Batmobile from the Tim Burton movies

Designed by concept illustrator Julian Kaldow and created by the John Evans VFX team at Pinewood Studios in England, this long, low and wide version of the Batmobile features outrageous rear fenders, an obscenely long hood and what appears to be an engine. jet running through the center.

In fact, it is not equipped with a jet engine or any internal combustion engine. Instead, this propeller was driven by electric motors, which supposedly could propel it to a speed of 40 to 48 km/h.

Despite that, it remains a full-size accessory, meaning you have three places to go depending on who you want to pretend to be.

This Batmobile is the opposite of the McLaren F1 in that it has two front seats and a hidden center rear seat.

Although the electric motor is designed to handle it, there is an independent front suspension and a four-arm rear suspension with full airbags.

He also has a working flamethrower. In addition to being recognizable to movie buffs, this particular prop car may also be familiar to roller coaster fans because it was used as an accessory for the official Six Flags Great Adventure ride from Batman Returns in New Jersey before being purchased by the current owner.

The official Batmobile is being sold at Classic Auto Mall for $ 1,500,000.

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