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Opel Rocks E-xtreme: The funniest and craziest off-road version ever

On the occasion of the Rocks-e Design Hack, an event organized by the blitz brand itself in which a large number of young designers from all over the world come together to present their creations through their social networks, the new Opel Rocks e-xtreme appears, a crazy and cool creation about the small urban german.


Created by Opel's Rocks-e Design Hack winner Lukas Wenzhöfer, a student at the Pforzheim/Baden-Württemberg University of Design, the Rocks e-xtreme is presented as a fun electric off-road vehicle from which a single drive in life size will be created as the embodiment of this competition, winning design.

The members of the jury in charge of determining who was the deserving winner of this competition had to face the most curious creations, such as that of Théo Philippot, which was a Rocks-e equipped with skates to be able to circulate in snowy terrain, or that of Kazuki Sakurai ( runner-up), designed for racing on closed urban circuits.

A fun model

With a high double wishbone suspension system, external and internal cage, prominent rear spoiler and wheels shod with all terrain tires, the new Rocks e-xtreme was created to allow young people to move and enjoy a driving experience without limits, improving its off-road capabilities to reach any destination.

The creation is not just about appearance, as the aforementioned suspension system mounts adaptive shock absorbers for each wheel, which improve stability depending on the needs of the terrain and “demonstrate that electric mobility is more than a common sense solution”, as stated by Wenzhöfer, its creator.

In addition to winning first place in the Rocks-e design competition, the small electric off-roader 100% was also chosen as “Best Design Innovation 2022” in the “Mini Cars” category by readers of the German magazine Auto Automobilismo e Esporte.

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