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StartcarsDodge Charger UTE pickup transports Corvette C3 Speedster

Dodge Charger UTE pickup transports Corvette C3 Speedster

What happens when someone learns a new skill? Well, if that person is a virtual automotive artist, he may well unleash his imagination with renewed passion and personality.

The virtual artist better known as wb.artist20 on social media recently started using all of his spare time to learn 3D rendering and notified us that he “ it can do some cool new stuff, but man, it's a huge learning curve. 

Credits: Wbartist20/Instagram

So last month's first task was to make a virtually floating logo. So he also performed his “ great plans ” to the hinted Chevy Camaro he had casually lying around. That included swapping the powertrain for Chevy's ZZ632/1000 box engine and putting the huge, big block behind the seats instead of under the hood!

Of course, once he (mostly) got the hang of 3D, he certainly wasn't going to stop there, so he tackled two of his favorite attractions. One would be the Dodge Charger, which morphed into a utilitarian coupe as a potentially modern pickup truck reenactment of the classic Rampage. The other, which is something of an “obsession” (but in a good way) for him, is the Chevy Corvette C3, and it also got a virtual twist by ditching the roof completely and transforming into a cool Speedster.

Well, in keeping with tradition, we thought it would be endgame 3D for the latter two and the artist would move on to different projects. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case here, and frankly, we don't regret the author's decision to drag it out a little longer. That's because we can now also admire the potentially seamless setup of a Dodge Charger Ute connected to a digitally customized trailer to haul the feisty Chevy Corvette Speedster C3!


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