Incredible Transformation: Meet the RAM TRX Short-Case Pickup!


Imagine a RAM 1500 TRX pickup truck that has undergone an incredible transformation, resulting in a compact and surprising version, with a simple cabin and a short bed. It looks like something out of a photo editing program, but in reality, it's a custom vehicle that was meticulously created to turn heads and it definitely achieves that mission.

Here, we'll explore all of the impressive modifications that make this RAM TRX pickup unique and highlight the powerful engine that resides under its hood.

The Remarkable Transformation of TRX RAM

This exclusive version of the RAM TRX belongs to digital influencer Chuy RMZ, who invested months of modifications and careful cuts to create this pint-sized vehicle. The TRX's chassis has been expertly cut and transformed into a truly intriguing compact vehicle.

However, the changes did not stop there. The custom TRX pickup features wider tracks, special wheels equipped with impressive 37-inch all-terrain tires, a raised suspension with Bilstein shocks, and a commitment to maintaining the original look of this impressive pickup.

Power Under the Hood

The heart of this shortened RAM TRX is a 6.2-liter Hellcat Crate engine that pumps out an impressive 712 horsepower. This delivers exceptional performance, with four-wheel drive capable of kicking up a lot of smoke.

But here's the special touch: Chuy added a program to emulate a rear-wheel drive, tricking the permanent drive system's software. This means that smoke now only rises from the rear wheels, creating an incredible spectacle.

The Stately Style of RAM TRX

Despite its reduced size, the shortened RAM TRX maintains all the grandeur of the RAM 1500. With a robust and aggressive front, very similar to the 1500 Rebel, this TRX features an air intake on the hood, as well as two air outlets on the sides of the hood.

The black grille surrounds the full LED headlights, which include LED daytime running lights. The front bumper is black and features LED fog lights, as well as tow hitches. At the rear, you will find two black exhaust pipes under the matte black bumper and LED taillights, which add a touch of expressiveness.

The pickup bed also remains exposed, without a sea top, providing a robust look.

All modification work was carried out and documented at Xtreme Offroad Park in Texas, and the result is a preparation kit that can be purchased by anyone wishing to carry out their own automotive transformation.

This short-bed RAM TRX is a true tribute to creativity and passion for cars, proving that with the right modifications, you can create something truly exceptional from an already impressive vehicle.

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