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Pilot makes emergency landing in North Carolina, and deserves applause

The moment a plane was forced to make an emergency landing on a North Carolina highway was captured by the pilot's GoPro camera. The incident took place on US Route 19 in Swain County on July 3. Two people were on board the plane at the time.

A camera attached to a small plane shows the dramatic moment the pilot makes an emergency landing on a North Carolina highway the weekend before Independence Day. The pilot narrowly avoided power lines and cars circulating on the highway and was not injured, officials said.

The plane's pilot, Vincent Fraser, said he had to land on the highway because the small plane's single engine failed.

There were so many things that could have been catastrophic but didn’t happen.” wrote Sheriff Curtis Cochran on his Facebook page.

In the end, no cars were hit and drivers remained calm and behaved normally, stopping, changing lanes or continuing on their way. The video was also posted on the same social network, and many users made positive comments about the driver's skills, but also praised the reactions of the drivers who adapted to the situation calmly and quickly.

We have to admit that what the pilot has done is admirable. He managed to get the plane safely back to the ground in a situation that could easily have turned dramatic. He was also very lucky because at that time that stretch of highway was not very busy. On the other hand, the situation could have become very dangerous when the plane went the wrong way. However, the attention of oncoming drivers helped to avoid an accident.

These situations are not unique. Problems often occur in the air and the pilot was trying to get to a nearby airport. But if the plane cannot get that far, a forced landing is necessary.

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