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StartcarsOriginal Plymouth Barracuda with v8 engine goes up for sale

Original Plymouth Barracuda with v8 engine goes up for sale

Launched in 1964, the Plymouth Barracuda was initially offered with the same powertrains as the Valiant.

The basic engine available in model it was Chrysler's 170 (2.8 liters), rated at just 101 horsepower and aimed at those who wanted nothing more than to take a short walk around town or go to the grocery store.

On the other hand, Plymouth also offered a second option focused on economical driving, this time in the form of a 225 (3.7 litre) six-cylinder with 145 horsepower.

Customers who wanted the Barracuda for a more exhilarating experience could opt for the 273 (4.5 liter) V8.

It was the maximum power setting, as it developed 180 horsepower thanks to a two-cylinder carburetor.

The Barracuda that eBay seller satr-3695 recently listed online is also equipped with a V8 unit, but otherwise, we don't know any more information.

Original Plymouth Barracuda goes up for sale

The photos seem to suggest the car is currently in some sort of junkyard, and the seller himself admits that the Barracuda has been sitting around for over a decade.

In other words, don't be surprised if the engine doesn't start and run anymore, but a face-to-face inspection is still recommended to get more details about the model.

The car's overall condition isn't exactly the best, but you can't expect more from a vehicle that's been sitting in a junkyard for so many years.

According to the seller, the rear window of the vehicle is perfect, and probably the best news is that the car is still completely original.

This means that restoring the Barracuda to factory specs shouldn't be impossible, although other factors, including the condition of available parts, are critical to this project.

This Plymouth Barracuda is on sale for US$ 4,500, and is currently parked in Oroville, California for quick inspections.

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