Plymouth SRT gets GTX-like modernization in CGI illustration


In 1967, the Plymouth division of the Chrysler Corporation, now Stellantis, decided to launch the Belvedere GTX model.

This was a mid-size muscle car installed in the high-performance niche of the classic golden age of American muscle cars.

Sadly, it didn't have a long and fruitful life, as it retired after the 1971 model year. But still, like most other muscle cars of the era, it managed to attract a legion of fans around the world.

And thanks to its small cult following, the Plymouth GTX never fails to be appreciated or has some hidden desire to potentially see you once more on the road.

Since Plymouth no longer exists, this would be very difficult in the real world. Not to the full imaginative extent of the automotive artist's virtual realm, however.

Thus, it is not by chance that Timothy Adry Emmanuel, the virtual artist better known as adry53customs on social media, he was invited by the HotCars website to produce a modernized Plymouth GTX project indicating rebirth of ordinary classic cars.

The rendering of the Plymouth SRT

Pixel Master envisioned a Plymouth SRT GTX that now stalks the digital city alongside the original Air Grabber GTX.

Even better, the author shared some behind-the-scenes thoughts, including how much he loved playing with the Air Grabber's retractable hood.

The rest of the green pack, by the way, isn't too shabby either, and while it looks like the current Dodge Challenger, the Plymouth SRT GTX has been modeled from scratch, sharing the headlights and wheels of the iconic Mopar.

Meanwhile, everything else is tailor made CGI.

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