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Pontiac Firebird 1968 “Heavy Resto” is an impressive convertible

Gaining muscle is not something that can be achieved easily. When it comes to human tissue, there is a lot of hard work and sweat involved. When it comes to metal and wheels (plus a monster engine), there are billions in investments and tens of thousands more of dollars and talent across the aftermarket. But the digital age only needs to be tripled with newfound skill and dexterity.

Credits: wb.artist20/instagram

Those who already know and appreciate this pixel master are aware that he has just entered a new era where a lot of hard work, talent and newfound skill have been put into learning 3D art. Now the CGI expert is better able to express themselves and showcase their automotive passions in more interesting ways. No need to take our word for it, just take a look at this monstrous Pontiac Firebird 1968 concept.

It completely ditches the well-known Coca-Cola bottle style of the original car designed by GM's Pontiac to fight the Blue Oval Mustang alongside its Chevy Camaro sibling. Now, instead of an original classic, it has hypothetically turned into a convertible muscle car.” strongly restored”. And sure enough, flexing all the rough CGI features is easy via the lowered stance and wider arches, along with things like LED lights and new bodywork details.


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Some people might even mistake this for a chopped Firebird when seeing it with the roof closed, but the digital truth is much better: now we're dealing with a stunning convertible top that needed a lot of CGI work to make it look almost real. Now, is there an insane aftermarket outlet ready to make this virtual build a reality?

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