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Porsche 964 is restored and modified by DP Motorsport and turns into a dream car

The company DP Motorsport, led by Patrick Zimmermann, restored the beautiful Porsche 964 and then modified it, creating a true “dream car”.

DP Motorsport has extensive experience working with classic Porsche 911 models and in this case was not afraid to be daring in the process of transforming this sports car into an even more impressive “machine” than the one that left the factory.

The restored and modified Porsche 964


In assembling this Porsche 964 called the Classic RSR, DP Motorsport used handcrafted bodywork components made from a lightweight blend of carbon fiber and Kevlar.

The car received new front bumpers, shock absorber struts, rear side windows, a different hood, doors with green plexiglass and a new roof.

The look is enhanced by a set of Fuchs rims measuring 15×9 at the front and 15×11 at the rear, with 225/50 and 285/40 Michelin TB5 tyres.

DP Motorsport fitted a KW suspension which improved handling and lowered the car even further.

The bodywork is painted in Stone Gray with decorative lines in Burugundy Red.
The engine volume has been increased to 3.8 liters, so it now delivers 320 hp and 380 Nm of torque, about 70 hp more than the standard model.

In addition, a new exhaust system made of lightweight stainless steel has been installed and the engine is mated to a five-speed manual gearbox.

DP Motorsport modified the car's interior by installing a protective hood, Schroth four-point belts and tubs and Alcantara was used for the upholstery.

In front of the driver is a Momo sports steering wheel, a light dashboard, and also perforated pedals.

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