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Project Buckwild: The fearless four-door Ford Bronco went from CGI to reality

It's safe to say that the Ford Bronco revival still counts as one of the most important vehicles of the early 2020s.

And there's no need to take our word for it, as there are countless examples of hyped and unbelievable Ford Broncos. But for today's purpose, we're only going to refer to the niche of model renderings.

The new rendering of the Ford Bronco

Instead, let's also refer to Oscar Vargas, the virtual artist better known as wb.artist20 on social media, who also shares some Ford Bronco rendering work to reality, again for a particularly worthy cause.

He played with his set of CGI brushes for Undaunted Apparel, a clothing brand that has products reflecting the brave and daring, as well as those not daunted or dispirited.

And there's a good reason the pixel master made the rendering a reality, so Undaunted could build the custom Ford Bronco however it saw fit.

For a limited time, every dollar spent purchasing company apparel will turn into a chance to win the Buck Wild raffle.

Aptly named “'Project Buckwild'”, this four-door Ford Bronco will also be the driving factor behind a portion of the profits from each order going back to an amazing organization.

That would be Warfighter Made, a non-profit organization located in Temecula, California that provides recreational therapy for sick and wounded combat veterans.

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