Rare 1982 Honda Moto is found Zero KM in the box


A very rare CBX 1050 year 1982 zero km in the box appeared at an auction in Florida, USA.

The classic 1982 Honda CBX Supersport has just appeared at an auction on the website Bring a Trailer, with a km of just 1.2 mi (1.9 km) marked on the dash. The Model year 1982 was the last unit to be produced.

The model was initially shipped to a Honda dealer in Ohio before being added to a Florida dealer's collection and kept in its original box for 38 years. It is CBX never been assembled and never had a chance to make an owner happy.

This unit has a 1047cc inline six cylinder DOHC engine, five speed transmission, ventilated brake discs, 19 and 18 inch Comstar wheels and a fairing that offers touring protection.

It is inside a metallic protection (of course) inside an original cardboard box with shipping marks, maintenance sticker and Honda certificate of origin, with frame no. JH2SC0605CC402307.

While we can't blame anyone for wanting to keep this bike in its current condition, it's also hard not to want to put it on the road for the sheer pleasure of listening to the six cylinders. This is an argument that we will leave to the future owner to decide.

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