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Rare Porsche was found after 15 years buried in Jardim

The term “barn find” is often applied to abandoned classics that were rediscovered after being stored in barns. But it's not always so. Some cars are not lucky enough to have a roof over their roof and spend decades outdoors. This Porsche 912 from 1965 is one of them.

But the German sports car was not parked in a field near the owner's house. It was retired in a muddy courtyard that allowed vegetation to grow around it. To the point where the Porsche was completely buried after a few years.

Part of a larger collection located in Cardiff, South Wales, 912 has spent no less than 15 years in what appears to be a massive penthouse. The owner now wants to sell his cars, so the 912 was released with the help of the folks at YouTube's "The Late Brake Show."

Surprisingly, the 912 appears to be in good condition. Considering the amount of time spent exposed to rainy weather, ie. It's a little rusty outside and the cabin has been taken over by twigs and cobwebs.

And it's a very rare 912, a basic version of the 911 that Porsche produced from 1965 to 1969. But is it still a totally original example with a matching number transmission system? Unfortunately, this is not the case.

The owner says the car, which was purchased in the US, received updates to the dashboard and engine a few years after it was bought new. These cars were originally equipped with 1.6-liter four-cylinder engines from the late 356. This 912 sports a slightly larger 1.7-liter engine, but there is no specific information about it.

However, it's still a nice car, which can be restored to its original specification with a little research. And it already has an interesting story to tell.

But this 912 is not the only one Porsche which has been resting this year for over a decade. The owner also has a 1966 911. Finished in red, it is in much better shape and was last driven in the 2000s. Like the 912, it was updated at some point and now features a 2.2-liter six-cylinder. , which Porsche introduced in 1969.

The yard also includes a Porsche 924, a pair of Mazda MX-5 Miatas, a pair of E30-generation BMW 3 Series Sedans and a Mercedes-Benz 190E. But it's not just German and Japanese classics, the owner also owns a Lancia Delta and a Fiat 124 Spider.

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Unfortunately, some of these cars were vandalized, the roof fell on them, or they were completely buried in the vegetation. So they all need a lot of love and attention to come back to life. And it looks like they're all on sale now. Learn more about it in the video below.

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