Resurrecting a 26-year-old abandoned Ford Maverick

Rescuing this Abandoned Maverick could be a miracle


It's wonderful and terrifying when someone decides to leave a vintage car in their backyard. as a decorative part of your lawn. While we don't understand what drives a person to park a car on their lawn and leave it, it's satisfying when we see a rescue.

This one Ford Maverick 1970 it's not the most exciting vehicle ever seen, but the guy who buys it and tows it looks excited get really excited, so that looks good. However, he has a lot of work ahead of him while try to make the car work.

This Maverick has been sitting on that still lawn for 26 years. O Engine appears to be in good condition and running.. You never know how bad it is until you try to start the engine. In the worst case, you have to open the engine and see how bad it is. Later, you check the spark plugs and electrical problems.

Image credit: YouTube

To put the car on the trailer is quite challenging, as all four wheels are locked, some of the tires are buried in the ground, etc. When a vehicle has been stationary for so long, it can be difficult to get it moving again.

There is an interesting story behind this Maverick. Apparently, the first owner left it parked in Germany. He told the new owner that he parked the vehicle because the front was having issues and, as you can see in the video, the vehicle is misaligned. 

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Would you accept to rescue a car like this? What would be a fair price to take such a vehicle off someone else's property?

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