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StartcarsRolls-Royce presents 2 Cullinan attractive and "fashions" with starry sky in the trunk

Rolls-Royce presents 2 Cullinan attractive and “fashions” with starry sky in the trunk

Rolls-Royce has revealed the Cullinan – Inspired by Fashion collection, which includes two special versions of the crossover: the bold Re-Belle and the brilliant Fu-Shion, which will be shown live at Art Basel in Miami.

The model will have four body colors and two interior color schemes are available for each, as well as a fifth Starlight tailgate that extends the signature starry sky beyond the roof.

The Cullinan Re-Belle is available in Lime Green, Gunmetal Charcoal Grey, Wildberry Berry or Arctic White.

The interior of the model is decorated in a modern style of colors with contrasting bright tones in unexpected combinations, with the main colors Peony Pink or Lime Green contrasting with Arctic White or Cashmere Grey.

For the decoration of the front panel, a handmade fabric was used with steel wires with a diameter of only 0.45 millimeters and reflecting light in a special way during the movement of the car.

The second model, Fu-Shion, is dedicated to fashion with an emphasis on practicality. It received elements reminiscent of street fashion and prêt-à-porter collections, and is also offered in four colors: Military Green, Forge Yellow, Burnout Gray and Tempest Grey.

Two color combinations were chosen for the interior: one is a mix of military green, navy blue and bright mandarin orange, the second is arctic white leather and cashmere gray with forge yellow accents.

Both versions have two common ringtones. The first is the colored decorative overlays under the piano lacquer, which trimmed the lower part of the front panel.

The second is the Starlight Tailgate. “Starry sky” lighting for the first time spread from the roof to the tailgate trim, which features 192 recessed LEDs.

The Starlight Tailgate is handmade, each gate takes almost a day to complete.
A bonus for buyers of these Cullinan will be sets of suitcases in the color of the interior.

There are three suitcases, a tote bag and an organizer, which can be purchased together or separately.

In early November, Rolls-Royce dealerships in the UAE teamed up with artist Sasha Jafri to launch the Phantom charity.

Jafri will paint six sedans, the revenue from the sale of which will be reverted to carrying out various charitable projects.

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