Meet the Scania 111S Alligator transformed into a pickup truck


Trucks are one of the pillars of transportation in Brazil. Certainly they are responsible for the transport of a good part of the national fortunes. Consequently, the world of trucks also has its classics and examples that have become eternal over the years.

The Scania 111 truck is one of them. Introduced in 1976, it soon proved to be reliable, durable and also robust for heavy work. The cabin's design earned it a nickname that became a way of love: the alligator.

Turning along the highways from north to south it's easy to see some of them still working hard. Trucks, unlike cars, possibly have a longer lifespan, mainly because they undergo rectifications and renovations over the years. It's a characteristic of heavyweights, especially here in Brazil.

Scania won a complete customization in the cabin, which was completely repainted, and received accessories such as stainless steel exhaust, polished aluminum wheels and complete air suspension by remote control. The bucket was produced by Apogeu Motors, and has a wooden floor.

To match the look of the bucket to the cabin of the 111S, the fenders are the same, with alterations to fit the frame and without the headlights or track lenses.

According to APOGEU MOTORS, when the truck was purchased for customization, it was badly damaged and needed a lot of work to get it to the level the owner wanted.

Inside, it got a new upholstery, with a personalized panel, including a multimedia center, air conditioning, electric windows, air suspension seats and a genuine leather finish.

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