Saturday, September 30, 2023
StartNewsScania 580 S V8 is modified into Luxury Motorhome

Scania 580 S V8 is modified into Luxury Motorhome

STX Motorhomes company specializing in luxury home on wheels has modified a Scania 580 S V8 and turned it into a magnificent Luxury Motorhome. Normally, the company uses Actros trucks for the development of its vehicles. This is the first STX Motorhome built on a Scania chassis.

STX, which is located in Belgium, already has more than 10 years of experience in this type of creation. Vehicles are built to customer orders.

The company collects all customer information and joins with its professionals, and turns dreams into reality.

The company keeps the Scania cabin, and adds a bodywork over the chassis, which holds a complete house.

The motorhome has 4 beds, and has a complete bathroom, kitchen, living room with a large table that can be easily opened or closed to improve internal mobility.

The model also has a side extension system, which opens part of the vehicle to increase the room, expanding the space for two more guests by about 40 cm.

The price was not disclosed.

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