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Secret behind wrecked cars in movies is finally revealed-Kill your curiosity!

We all suffer from seeing supercars being detonated and completely destroyed in horror movies. action, after all, who wouldn't want to have these machines at home?

In several films, cars have tragic accidents, are crushed by a runaway bus or truck, or fall from the 25th floor of a skyscraper.

But beyond what we see on screen, we know that in the movies everything is a gimmick and that these cars are ready to be detonated at any time.

Nothing is left to chance and we already know that each model has different characteristics and can receive different damage depending on the equipment and its conditions.

But in cinema, everything has to be carefully planned and for that the specialists are in charge of preparing the car so that it has the necessary damage in each scene.

But how do they make it look the way the directors want it? This is what Youtuber channel Insider sought to unravel.

Careful planning for car destruction

In the Insider channel video, you can see how experts work to turn a car into a disaster, depending on the director's point of view.

Nothing is left to chance and various modifications are made so that the vehicle loses its shape according to the needs of the action.

For example, if the vehicle is hit by a runaway bus running over it, specialists remove the vehicle's pillars.

That way, when the out-of-control vehicle crushes it, the car deforms quickly and allows the scene to proceed safely and without surprises that could put the film crew at risk.

Another typical scene is that when a person falls from a considerable height on the roof of a car and crushes it, on this occasion the pillars are also removed and this impressive image is created.

To make the hoods swell in a spectacular way, they are partially opened and mechanisms are placed that deform them quickly when they simulate hitting an obstacle, making it look like they really hit a wall or another vehicle.

These are incredible tricks that serve to make the action and destruction scenes as realistic as possible.

But the magic doesn't disappear, as the technicians have to know how each model reacts and force that action so that the scene is completed the way the director wants.

If you're a car fan, you'll probably suffer seeing how all these vehicles are destroyed, but you'll definitely find it exciting to see these professionals work hard to create the magic we see in the movies.

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