Friday, September 29, 2023
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Lamborghini “Uterus” Super Pickup Introduced

For CGI experts, that means building hype with certain series. Unfortunately, this quick project " Use all the cars ” is probably one of the worst pieces of CGI imagination I've seen lately. Not because we're dealing with a two-door Lambo Urus coupe utility - otherwise known as "Ute-Urus" as per the author or even "Uterus" based on fan comments. Not even because this super SUV Italian was also completely customized before the Ute's transformation began.

But simply put, this ultra-professional virtual artist lacks one particularly important trait: attention to detail. Of course, some might even say he's as skilled with CGI as a whale with an easel - but we must hope and somehow believe that with a lot of practice, things will get better with time. Anyway, far be it from us to judge the skill of someone who produces one project after another in a few hours.

Instead, let's just discuss – to the point – this Lambo Urus Ute abomination. The white wires matched with black tuning gems (is that forged carbon fiber we're catching glimpses of over there on the fenders?) But what happened to the wheels?

Did the author use two different tuning incarnations of the Lambo Urus that are eerily similar but still come from different aftermarket stores? Or was this Urus a crazy project to begin with and was lowered into different left and right custom wheel semi-assemblies? So many questions, so few answers. But one thing is for sure: the author or project needs a CGI integrity check ASAP!


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